Shenanigans Laser Tag FAQs. FAQ's for Laser Tag

What makes Laser Tag so unique?

This is the most realistic and advanced tactical laser tag equipment coupled with the key innovative technologies that make this the best laser tag experience the world has ever seen. The weapons systems are modeled after real-world components. Their size, form, and function are just like the real thing allowing for slings, sights, stocks, and other add-ons to attach seamlessly. When you pull the trigger there is a live bang, recoil, and bright muzzle flash. Out of ammo? Drop the mag and slam it home. The arena is fully-themed offering a deep experiences that is designed with realism and immersion in mind. Then include the only software on the market today that enables real-time player tracking and live internet rankings. Live time player profiles and statistics tracking automatically every time you play. Players to wirelessly connect for total game control over health, ammo, time, teams, respawn, and so much more.

How did this work?

Walk-ins are welcome during open hours. You can also pre-book 15 minute public games online. Private reservations are 60 minutes long. This includes the time necessary to get signed up as a player, for briefing on the equipment, getting geared up / down, instruction on the field and debriefing after the session. Each mission has a different objective. Some based on individual skill and accuracy and others a team strategy on accomplishing a goal.

What should I bring?

A great attitude and the willingness to have fun while being challenged! It’s a great workout too – so get ready to sweat. Dress comfortably in athletic gear with closed toed shoes that are non-slip. Pants can be helpful when kneeling but that’s up to you. Lastly, bring a non-spill water bottle with you as there are water bottle holders in the bases.

Do I have to have a group to come play?

Heck NO!! Sure, you can come in with a group and that’s fun; however, you can also come by yourself in any general session and you’ll be assigned to a team.

But what if I do have a group? Can I play with my friends?

You can. However, if you want you and your friends only, you need to book a private reservation VS a public reservation. Teams are 2-6 players each. In general, what we have found is that forming groups of 4 works. That said, the software that makes this game so much darn fun also wants to look at all the players as a whole based on their accumulated or new skill levels and put them in the teams that are MOST likely to result in all players having a great time. This means that each team should have the same number of skilled players and new players (the elusive “delta factor”). Now, some new players are just naturally great at this and level up faster and there is not always a way to know this immediately but we try and ask the right questions to vet this out and if you’ll trust us and let us do the team divisions, we’re going to be able to show you a great time!

What is the minimum age to play?

It’s not so much of an age limit as it is a safety, size and maturity consideration. All players must be 48″ tall. The laser tag equipment is based on realistic weaponry and weigh about 7 lbs. They are metal and are over 2 feet in length and require reloading; on the fly. So what we’re really talking about is the ability to handle the equipment under intensive conditions. By “maturity” we’re referring to the ability to follow instructions about the missions on screens and to be able to participate with the group. If you’ve got a really tall 11 year old who plays a ton of Fortnite, chances are, they will be just fine. But to be sure, just stop by and we’ll help you make an assessment. Keep in mind that for those players not yet ready for the irSMG’s we have other options that we can go over with you.