How do I book a party? What’s required?
  1. You can book your party online by clicking “Book Now” or call 608-783-3333
  2. For your convenience, we encourage you to book your party online.
  3. A credit card deposit is required to officially book a party.
Can I make changes to my party?
  1. Yes, you can make changes after booking, such as Guest Count updates, food/drink updates, etc.
  2. Please note, we discourage major changes within 72 hours.
What’s the cancellation policy?
  1. Cancellation Policy: Deposit is non-refundable. If you provide at least 14 days notice you may apply your deposit to any available date or time within the next 2 months. Any party cancelled with less than 14 days will forfeit their deposit.
Can I add-on food and drinks the day of the party?
  1. Yes, you may add food and drink the day of the event. You can choose to create a separate tab or have it added to your party/event invoice.
Can I add more guests the day of the party?
  1. Yes, you are able to add on additional guests the day of the event, however the scheduled table(s)/area may not seat all guests.
  2. Please let us know how many non-participating guests you expect, so we can accommodate your total guest count.
Does everyone have to pay?
  1. Non-participating guests, such as mom/dad, grandma/grandpa are welcome to attend at no cost, if they just observing.
When is payment due?
  1. Payment is due in full the day of at the end of the event. We accept cash or credit. Sorry, no checks.
Will the credit card that I used to make the deposit be automatically charged?
  1. No, a separate transaction is required the day of the event.
Is the birthday child included in the “Included” guest count?
  1. Yes, for example 5 included kids, includes the birthday child. So the birthday boy/girl, plus 4 friends are included.
What do additional guests receive?
  1. Additional guests will receive additional food, drinks and play that are included in the additional guest fee.
How much pizza is included in a kids birthday party?
  1. One large two-topping pizza is included, per 5 kids, per 4 teens, or per 4 adults.
Are food and drinks provided for non-participating adults?
  1. No, soda and food is only included for participating/paying guests. Non-participating guests do not receive food and/or drinks, although it’s available for purchase.
Can I bring in my own cake or cupcakes?
  1. Yes, you are welcome to bring in your own cake or cupcakes. However, other outside food and beverages are not permitted.
  2. Please note, no freezer or fridge space is available for frozen cakes/desserts.
Can I decorate my table/room?
  1. Yes, you’re welcome to decorate your table/room yourself. However, early access to decorate is typically not allowed. All decorating must be installed and removed within the designated party timeframe.
  2. Decorations provided by customers, must be installed and removed by the customer.
  3. Decorations provided by Shenanigans require 48 hours notice.
Can we stay at the table/room longer than scheduled?
  1. Your party room/table is available for your use during the designated party time(s) only. Often times, another party is booked and has reserved the table/room immediately following your party. You’re welcome to stay in the facility but your party room/table is needed for the next party/event. Additional time is subject to additional charges.
Is a specific table/room guaranteed the day of the party?
  1. No, we do not guarantee a specific room, table or area. However, we will do our best to accommodate special requests.
Are tables/chairs included?
  1. Yes, tables and chairs are included in our standard room configuration. A custom table/chair configuration is available for additional costs and requires 72 hours notice.
Are plates and silverware provided?
  1. Yes, plates and silverware are provided for no additional cost.
  2. If you bring a cake, we will still provide plates and forks at no additional cost.
Are candles included in my birthday party?
  1. No, you are responsible for bringing candles. However, we do offer candles at an additional cost.
Can we arrive early?
  1. You can arrive as early as early as you like but check-in no earlier than 10 minutes before your scheduled party time.
If we add-on an additional hour of play time to our party, does that include the room/table?
  1. In most cases, no, your reserved room/table is only available for the original scheduled start/end time due to other party/event reservations. However, we will do our best to accommodate you if/when possible.
What is the 10% service fee?
  1. The service fee supports pre-event sales, day-of-event play staff, kitchen staff and clean up staff, plus party/event supplies (plates, forks, cups, napkins, candles, etc.), basic décor, etc.  This fee is non-negociable and is based on the total price of your party/event. Additional gratuity is at your sole discretion. This is NOT a tip for your party host and/or server(s).