Shenanigans Laser Tag. Laser Tag at Shenanigans in La Crosse, WI

New Tactical Laser Tag – Now Open!

Forget black lights and cheesy plastic guns. Experience live-action tactical laser tag in the most immersive military-style laser tag you’ve ever played! You’ll take part in thrilling missions using state of the art equipment that simulates the real feel of the battlefield.

The Equipment

Laser Tag Equipment at Shenanigans in La Crosse, WI

Authentic Guns. Our tactical laser tag weapons are modeled after authentic guns. When you fire you will feel the recoil and hear the pop, not to mention the muzzle flash. Our guns offer two different fire modes from single fire to burst fire and when you run low on ammo get a fresh magazine, slap it in and get back into the thick of it!

Vest & Headband. Tactical, wireless and cheater-proof vests and headbands. The headband and vest both have multiple hit sensors and are adjustable to give the most comfortable fit.

Public Reservations

We’re open Tuesday – Sunday for public reservations as well as walk-ins. Although, we highly encourage you to book reservations online. A public game means you will be playing with other people from the general public.


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15 Minute Reservation

Public Game (Not Private)

Online Reservations Only Please

Private Reservations

Perfect for birthday parties, team building and special events! Private reservations are accepted 7 days/week with a 10 player minimum. You and your friends will have the arena all to yourself.



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60 Minute Reservation

10 Player Minimum

Private Reservation

Online Reservations Only Please

Game Scenarios

Team Deathmatch

Laser Tag Game - Team Deathmatch Players go head-to-head in this classic combat scenario! Players have one health and unlimited respawns, and are split into two teams. Whichever team blasts the other the most within five minutes is the winner.

Military Intel

Laser Tag Game - Military Intel COMING SOON - Battle rages and both sides have critical military intelligence nearby. Each team has a colored backpack in the market that they must defend, while the other team tries to grab it and return it to their base. All players have 2 health and only 1 respawn. Teams cannot move their own backpack after placing it and the team that returns the enemy backpack to their base first wins.

Safe Cracker

Laser Tag Game - Safe CrackerCOMING SOON - Somewhere on the battlefield is an electronic safe that houses a valuable key. Both teams know the combination and must fight to find the safe, crack the code, and secure their respective key. The key must then be brought to the tower to unlock another safe with an airhorn inside. If you are shot carrying the key, you must drop it and return to your base to respawn. Players get two lives before each respawn and the team that blows the airhorn first wins.

Jail Break

Laser Tag Game - Jail BreakCOMING SOON - A group of prisoners are planning an escape and the guards need to be prepared to stop them. This escape will happen 1 minute into the mission when the power will be cut, and an alarm will sound. If the prisoners make it to their escape point and shoot the domination tube they will be the winners. If the guards are able to prevent them from escaping they will be the winners. Both the prisoners and the guards will have 2 health and unlimited respawns. This immersive mission, will be challenging and working together will be key to success.


  • Players must be a minimum of 48″ inches tall
  • Parental permission recommended for players under 18 years old
  • All sessions include orientation, gear up, and briefing. Actual play times are 5-10 minutes less than the reserved time slot(s).
  • You must arrive 15 min prior to scheduled start time. If you arrive late, you will loose time.
  • No shows and/or late arrivals are non-refundable and non-transferable.