Private Party Host - For a Stress Free Party!

Want to make an amazing party, even better? Then add a Private Party Host!

Shenanigans' Party Hosts are top notch because they receive specialized training on creating a super fun atmosphere for of all ages.

Party Host at Shenanigans. Add a Party Host to Your Party Today!Hosts Do ALL the Work For You!

  • Sets up Party Room
  • Greets You and Your Guests at the Front Door
  • Creates Play Pass Cards and Explains Everything
  • Supervises Guests
  • Takes Pictures
  • Organizes Games & Attractions with Guests
  • Makes Laser Tag Reservations
  • Serves Food & Drink
  • Handles ALL Clean-Up
  • Keeps Party on Schedule
  • Helps Bring Presents to Your Car
  • Delivers an AMAZING Party!

Parents Are Saying...

"Amy took care of everything. It was stress-free. She was fabulous and made my daughters day!" - Carrie R.

"Perfect score! Carly was awesome! Thank you for a great birthday party!" -Mike M.

"After today, I would never throw a party at home. OMG.  No clean up! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" -Molly F.

"We were blown away with our host. I actually got to enjoy the party this year!" - Sue P.

Book Your Party with a Trained Host Today!

You can add a Party Host to any party package when booking online or calling 608-783-3333. Please note, select parties come with a Party Host included in the package.

  • Book a FREE Private Party Host, with 15% minimum tip

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