Paintball FAQs

How old do you have to be to play?
For insurance reasons, you must be at least 13 years old to play. Anyone under 18 must have a Paintball Waiver Form signed by a parent or guardian.
I don't want to fill out the waiver form - what are my options?
If you do not sign the waiver form, you cannot play. No exceptions.

How much does it cost to play?
If you need to rent equipment, our rental packages costs $20 for everything you need to play (field fee, paintball gun, unlimited air, face mask, chest protector and 200 paintballs). Of course, if you need more supplies while playing, we have it available for purchase. For those who bring their own equipment we charge a $15 field fee which includes air refills (Compressed Air).

Can I bring my own paint & equipment?
You are more than welcome to bring your own paintball equipment, but cannot bring your own paint. If you have your own equipment, you must inform us 24 hours prior to your event. Restrictions apply. All paintball guns must be chronographed at 300 feet per second or less. No exceptions. All players must purchase and use our field paint. This is to minimize injuries and prevent staining to equipment and the field(s). **If you are caught bringing your own paint onto the field it will be confiscated and you will be asked to leave without a refund of rented equipment and/or paintballs purchased.

Can I bring my own paint?
You may NOT bring your own paint. No exceptions. Players are welcome to store their extra paintballs purchased at Shenanigans for up to 30 days.

Can you fill my HPA (High Pressure Air)?
Yes, we fill 3,000/4,500 psi HPA tanks that are in hydro -- meaning they have been hydro tested in the last five (5) years. Look for the date on the tank. If it is within 5 years of today's date we can fill it. Please keep in mind that we do not have staff at the field 24/7. We are only available to fill during our published open times.

Can my group bring their own food/drinks?
No outside food/drinks are allowed. We have drinks, snacks and a full food/drink menu available inside the main building.  If the event is a birthday party, we will allow group organizers to bring a birthday cake and basic decorations. We just ask that you let us know ahead of time. Note that clean up and removal of these items will be the responsibility of the group's organizer.

Does it hurt when you get shot?
The paint pellets break open upon impact, and generally causes little pain. What pain is experienced is more of a stinging sensation from the pellet's impact against the skin or through clothing. In my experience, the stinging pain goes away after about 30 seconds. Of course, the closer you are to the muzzle of the gun, the higher the velocity of the pellet when it hits you. Thus, more pain may be experienced when shot at close range rather than farther away. Our guns, as well as all personal guns, are chrongraphed down to 240 fps (feet per second) vs the typical paintball field standard of 280 to 300 fps.

Can I just show up and play?
No. All games are considered private events because the group has reserved the field(s) to themselves (unless otherwise indicated) for the time allotted. Please note that if you've reserved the field, we will not be able to help you and your group until the agreed-upon starting time -- this means that if your group is scheduled to start at 9am, showing up at 8am will not mean your group will start or be serviced before 9am. Please also keep in mind that we accept reservations any day of the week.

How many people do I need to reserve a game?
We require that you have a group of at least 6 people. This is to keep things fun and exciting for everyone involved! Of course, the more the merrier!

When should we arrive?
All groups should arrive no sooner than 15 minutes before reserved time. If you are walking on (did not make a formal reservation with a deposit at least 24 hrs in advance) - you may do so during open-play hours. We maintain an on-time schedule. If you arrive late, you will lose time.

What type of shoes are allowed?
No metal cleats or shoes that will damage the turf. Only approved footware (tennis shoes) is allowed.

Does the paint wash out? Is it REAL Paint?
Our field paint is designed to wash easily out of clothing.  Paintballs are not filled with real paint (like the kind you paint a house with!)  - they are spherical gelatin capsules containing primarily polyethylene glycol, other non-toxic and water-soluble substances, and dye, they are food grade quality and are harmless to the participants and environment.  There are many brands of less quality paint, as well as substitutes for actual paintballs out there however it can alter your playing experience which is why we use only fresh, high grade paint on our fields.

What do I need to wear/bring/leave at home?
We suggest that you wear long sleeves, long pants and sneakers.  A couple of layers may also be beneficial (more padding). If you have knee pads / ski hat / baseball hat/ gloves you may want to bring them as well. The paint typically does wash out, but you may want to wear something you do not mind getting dirty or stained.  We have jumpsuits available to rent but they are adult sized and may be big on some smaller players.  You may want to bring a change of clothing to go home in. Leave home anything of value - or plan on having a place to leave these things (wallets / purses) such as in a car or with a spectator.  We also have lockers on site that you will be able to lock and have a key, but we do not assume any liability if something is stolen.

I have never played before. Is this for me?
We cater to players of all skill levels from complete beginners to tournament level players. We will try to match like players out on the field together, which means that beginner / rental players will only play with other beginner / rental players and more advanced players will play with more advanced players. That is our intent, but please realize that this is a subjective judgement call and cannot be guaranteed.