HD Multi-Sport Simulator

Brand-new HD multi-sport simulator creates a full-circle experience with unprecedented precision. From 87 golf courses around the world, to football, hockey, baseball, soccer and even hunting zombies, our HD Multi-Sport Simulator provides a real-life experience for the entire family.

No other sports bar in town is able to fit so many sports under the same roof…with our state-of-the-art picture-real sports simulations you are able to get an adrenaline-filled experience that’s arguably better than the real thing.


Golf Simulator - Golf Simulator at Shenanigans in La Crosse, WIImmerse yourself in a 87 perfectly rendered courses from around the world. Multiple HD cameras provide swing analysis, balance plates, shot racking images and more.

You’ll also have access to critical shot data including ball speed, shot direction, launch angle, spin rates, score, club head speed, and club head angle.

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  • 16’ Curved HD Screen
  • Unprecedented Precision
  • SwingTrack Flight™ Analyzer
  • 87 Perfectly Rendered PGA Courses
  • Up to 4 players
  • Play 9 Holes in 1 Hour
  • Full Food & Drink Service
  • Handicap Score Adjustments
  • Green and Fairway Conditions
  • Wind and Weather Conditions
  • Easy Touch Screen Interface
  • In-Round Practice, Chip, Putt, Drive
  • Year-Round, 365 Days of Play
Shenanigans Sport Simulator - Golf Simulator at Shenanigans in La Crosse, WI

When you tee off, high speed cameras and sensors track your every movement to accurately interpret your shot with unprecedented prevision.



Football Simulator at ShenanigansTeam up with your friends and score touchdowns or kick the game winning field goal.  A night of football and drinks is great fun for sports fans. Play the game without the sweat. No bulky pads, no tackling, no waking up in pain the next day, but all the fun of scoring against your rival team. Try our simulated football experience and you definitely will not be disappointed.




Hockey Simulator Simulated Hockey was designed to provide the player with the most realistic and advanced hockey experience possible. Players can test their shots against life-size goaltenders on life size nets in a simulated environment. Players can also test their shots on corner targets, and be tested on their speed, accuracy and reflex time.




Baseball Simulator at ShenanigansFeel the excitement as you swing for the fences in our Interactive Home Run Derby. Try to knock one out of the park using real equipment. Play in a variety of life-size stadiums, and see precise data on distance, speed, and trajectory of each hit.

Our interactive hitting simulator gives you the most realistic baseball simulation experience available.



Soccer Simulator Game at ShenanigansFor all those die hard soccer fans out there, come try out our simulation of the game and let us know what you think. All positions are available for you to play. Kick the game winning shot or save the game by blocking the penalty shot. It's all at your fingertips.

Play against friends or teams from all around the world.




Basketball simulator at ShenanigansTake the chance to play some simulated basketball. It allows players to shoot baskets at simulated hoops with a variety of realistic backgrounds. Basketball competition simulator environments range from parks to street courts.





Hunting Simulator Game at ShenanigansBring the outdoors inside, taking aim at life-size wildlife or undead zombies in the ultimate simulation experience. It’s open season all year round with exciting hunting games that will help improve your aim without stepping foot outdoors. 1 or 2 players, vivid HD graphics with rifle and pistol firearms provides the ultimate indoor hunting or target-practice experience.




Dodge Ball Simulator at ShenanigansPlaying dodgeball is simple when it’s simulated. Join a team and take the court using 2D characters. You throw balls back and forth, attempting to hit members of the opposing team. The simulated Dodgeball game provides both Eastern and Western dodgeball rules. The game also provides different modes and levels for the players to excel to.



Simulator Rates

  • ONLY $2/GAME!*
  • Or book a reservation

Simulator Reservations

We accept 60 and 120 minute reservations online during open hours with 2 hours advance notice. Online reservations are tentative until confirmed via email. Payment is due upon arrival.

  • 60 Minute Reservation - $35*

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  • 120 Minute Reservation - $70* 

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Please note, we often host private parties/events, leagues and practices in addition to walk-in reservations. For private events and reservations outside of business hours, please contact us.


*Premium game. Separate purchase required. Not included in 1-2-3 hour Play Passes, Eat & Play or parties/events. Pricing per minute, NOT by player. An unlimited amount of players can play, but playing against each other is limited to 2 players in sports and 4 players in golf. Late reservations lose time or may be cancelled. Actual play time is 50 minutes for a 60 minute reservation. No e-tickets. Subject to availability. Rules and restrictions apply. Customer responsible for personal and/or property damage. Tax not included.