Golf Leagues

So winter's almost here, your favorite course is shut down and your spouse hates you putting in the living room. We have the solution! Shenanigans 2017/18 Indoor Golf leagues. And they are forming now!

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Shenanigans' Golf Simulator brings together breathtaking computer-generated graphics and unparalleled swing analysis to provide you with the most realistic indoor golf experience available.

SwingTrack Flight™ Technology

Our state-of-the-art system uses four high-speed HD cameras to capture ball speed, trajectory, angle and flight path. The combination of our SwingTrack Flight™ camera system and the SwingTrack Club™ camera provides you with a full analysis of each shot and allows for a more realistic golf simulation experience.

Real-Time SwingTrack™ Analysis

The advanced high-speed HD camera records and shows real-time captures of your shot data including club path, club face angle and point of impact. The on-screen interface instantly presents a comprehensive overview of the relevant shot data, swing after swing.

PGA Courses

Immerse yourself in 87 perfectly rendered PGA courses from around the world.

2017/2018 Winer League Play

  • First league November 14th – January 22nd. Second league February 5th - March 9th
  • Leagues will get (1) 9-hole play every 2 weeks on our highlighted course
  • Accumulative Handicap Score Wins | 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes
  • $175 per player, per league. Sign up before November 6th, 2017 and SAVE $25!
  • 1/2 price discount on additional reservations (during purchased league)

Register: November 14th – January 22nd

Register: February 5th - March 9th

$175/Player.* Save $25 before November 6th.

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$175/Player.* Save $25 before February 1st.

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Winter Golf Leagues at Shenanigans - Register Today

Tee Times Required for All League Play

  • Call 608-783-3333 Ext 5206 to reserve your time each week, please state you are doing league play. Subject to availability during open hours. If you would like to schedule a specific tee time each week please let us know your preferred day and time when you register. We will do our best to accommodate, but it is not guaranteed.

Simulator Rules

  • All players must wash their ball and clubs prior to each round. Any dirt on either will transfer to the screen. If you do not have a clean ball we will have some for you to use.
  • No cleats may be worn while using the simulator.
  • No food or drink in the hitting area.
  • Only hit from the designated hitting area.
  • You may use your own clubs.
  • Must be at least 12 years of age to play.


  • There will be no handicap in the first league. After you have shot 45 holes in league play, our computer system will automatically figure out your handicap for league number two. 
  • Handicaps are based on league rounds only.


Each individual will play one 9-hole round per 2 weeks. League rounds may be played between 3pm and 7:30pm Tues-Fri and 11-7:30p Sat-Sun, but must be completed by the deadline provided. Minimum 2 players per reservation with a maximum of 4 per reservation.


  • (1) 9-hole match will be scheduled each 2 weeks, Tues-Sun.
  • Players can play as far as 2 rounds ahead. Example: Gregory needs to go out of town and will not have access to an Sim for 2 weeks. He could play those rounds before he leaves to stay current. He could not miss those rounds and make them up after those rounds are closed. Case by case basis.

Score Reporting

  • Computer will record scoring….player can track online.

No Mulligans Permitted at Any Time

  • However, if the system has an error, please report to the staff member and they will set a mulligan for you.


  • Computer will track individual scores after each round.
  • Gimmie 1 if the ball is within 10ft.
  • All shots must be played from the proper mat. If a shot is played from an incorrect mat, the player is subject to a 2 stroke penalty.
  • USGA rules of golf practiced where applicable.

Things To Be Aware Of

  • Please be aware that movement near the tracks while the simulator is prepared to register a shot can cause a false shot. Mulligans are not allowed during play. In the event that you accidently register a shot you must contact your facility management immediately.
  • In order to uphold the fairness of the league, this will be left to the discretion of league administrators.
  • To prevent this from happening, please be prompt in retrieving your ball or pick the ball up with your hand when going to retrieve it instead of dragging the ball back across the tracks with a putter.


  • Top 4 records will advance to the finals for week 11.
  • All individuals will play the selected course and have handicaps figured in
  • Lowest net score of all players after handicap will be the champion.
  • If after 9 holes 2 or more teams are tied we will go to a sudden death playoff beginning back on the first hole played. Sudden death playoff will be played week 12 if necessary at a time agreed upon by all individuals tied. After each hole if one player does not match the low net score of other players they will be eliminated until only 1 player remains. That player will be named champ.


  • Prize pool will vary depending on the size of the league.
  • Prizes will be distributed to the top 3 golfers from each hole after the 2-week period
  • After each league, all scores will be added and the top 3 golfers throughout the whole season will receive a special prize
  • Top 3 golfers from each league will be invited to a special 18-hole event at the end of the league 2 season for a special tournament with a large finale prize.
Winter Golf Leagues at Shenanigans in La Crosse, WI
*Registration required for league play. Reservations required. Late reservations lose time or may be cancelled. Rules and restrictions apply. Customer responsible for personal and/or property damage. All rules are under the guidance of Shenanigans Management. Subject to availability. Tax not included.